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CGL's Multi-Asset Strategies team provides investment strategies and outcomes to our clients, generating investment returns primarily through asset allocation across global equity, fixed income, currency, commodities and alternative investment markets.

Our team of more than 106 multi-asset professionals provides unmatched coverage of global capital markets. Within Multi-Asset Strategies, each investment team is managed by dedicated portfolio management and research professionals. The investment process is enhanced by sharing insight across asset classes, regions, sectors, industries, currencies and securities. In addition, the team leverages CGL's expansive network of investors and links insights from up to seven trading desks and 79 portfolio teams across asset classes and geographies, further enhancing performance.

CAPITAL GROWTH LIMITED investment approaches include

  • Global Tactical Asset Allocation

    These flexible, total portfolio solutions provide our clients with a means of adding value both in absolute return and versus custom benchmark portfolios. Ideas are generated from a blend of fundamental and systematic research and focus on top down asset-class and regional economic views. Insights are mapped into targeted exposures across multiple asset classes – including equities, fixed income, and exchange rates. Subject to client specific constraints, the tools include custom thematic equity baskets, index based strategies, derivatives, and actively-managed pooled funds from CGL,. The outcome-oriented approach ensures that positions reflect clients’ risk appetite and desired return profiles.

  • Risk Factor Investing

    CGL's risk-based strategy is the result of in-depth research on achieving diversification within multi-asset portfolios. CGL's unique risk-factor approach uncovers the true drivers of asset class returns and seeks to allocate in a balanced manner, aiming to generate returns in a variety of market environments. The strategy employs a broad range of index strategies and physical holdings. It incorporates downside risk management to help protect returns during periods of extreme risk aversion.

  • Index Asset Allocation

    CGL's Index Asset Allocation team helps clients manage portfolios of index funds and strategies and offers derivative-based hedging and overlay strategies across all asset classes. The platform comprises more than 1,800 funds and customised client strategies.

    Clients benefit from tailored rebalancing methodologies, expert beta exposure selection (funds or derivatives), as well as reduced transaction and operational costs. Common to all DGL strategies is the firm’s rigorous risk management practices, which have characterised our investment process since the company’s inception.

  • Multi-Strategy and Global Macro

    Our Multi-Strategy team aims to exploit the range and breadth of CGL's hedge fund platform to deliver alpha with a low correlation to equity and bond markets. This single-manager multi-strategy approach benefits from a risk-based active strategy allocation process driven by the investment team’s insights. Factors that inform the allocation decisions include alpha driver indicators, macro indicators, market indicators and stock specific factors.

    The Global Macro team aims to deliver consistent returns by carefully positioning the portfolio to capitalise on relative mispricings with offsetting long and short positions across equity markets, fixed income markets, currency markets and commodity markets. Positioning reflects a systematic application of our insights concerning the three key drivers of asset returns: relative value, economic environment, and market sentiment, in conjunction with an assessment of the risk of the positions and the cost of trading the portfolio.

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